We sell used cars

Used cars for sale

As an auto repairs shop, we have had many encounters with customers who need our help with getting a car or use us to assess a car they want to buy. This is why the sales of used cars are also part of our services – so we can better satisfy our customers. We have all kinds of used cars in excellent shape. We source for our used cars from both private and commercial sellers, and we make sure we only stock high-grade cars. Each car in our stock made it there after a thorough selection process during which we determined that it is reliable. Only if we are sure of the quality of the car do we offer it for sale? Integrity is our watchword, and we don't compromise on the quality of the cars for any reason. In our inventory, you'll find used cars from brands such as Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Lexus, Hyundai, Volvo, etc. We understand that people are sceptical about used cars, which is due to personal experience or something they heard. But our cars are totally different. The fact that they are not new does not affect their quality. Every car is inspected, reconditioned, and repaired if necessary before they are offered for sale. When most people buy used cars, it is mostly because they can't afford to buy a new one. But a limited budget should not affect quality, and we make sure of that.

Why Buy Our Used Cars?

Our used cars are outstanding and in a class of their own. This is why;

We inspect every car thoroughly, and this includes checking the exterior body, interior upholstery, mechanical and electronic parts, the engine, etc.

All minor faults in the car are fixed, and if we notice a major or recurring fault, we don't sell such cars.

You can inspect the car with your mechanic and test drive it.

There is the warranty on every car you get from us with details on the repairs we cover and the percentage.

We stock low mileage cars that have only been used for a limited time.

We test every car using road conditions such as uphill, highway, in traffic, etc. to determine they are capable.

We can recondition the used car to suit your tastes.

There is a buyer's guide detailing the mechanical and electrical systems of the car as well as other relevant information.

The used cars we sell are also affordable, and we consider your limited budget.

When you consider all these, you'll realise that we put in everything to make sure you get a car that you'll enjoy for a long time, one that meets all the standards of quality you might set for us. At East Urban Auto, we are committed to satisfying our customers at all times.

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