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Bring your car after business hours

Night drop

Are you someone with a very busy schedule who finds it difficult to come to our shop during the regular business hours? We offer night drop services that allow you to drop off your car at our shop anytime. We have a box in a place where you can drop off your car keys and submit all information regarding your car and the services you need. One of the most important parts of any service and repairs shop is to give customers the option to drop their vehicles for repairs and maintenance after work hours. We provide this option for our customers who are usually busy during business hours and only have time after work. It is also suitable for those whose vehicles break down in the middle of the night. All they have to do is get their cars towed to our shop, and we will attend to their cars the next day.

Our night drop boxes are designed to be used as with the night drop box envelope. The envelope contains spaces for customers to submit all the personal information about their vehicle as well as repair or service they need. The seal at the top of the envelope is perfect for putting your car remotes, and it will fit into the drop boxes. With the night drop services, we show our commitment to ensuring that our customers get their cars fixed no matter their schedule. It is specifically designed to accommodate customers who can't bring their car in between 8 am to 5 pm so they can save some valuable time. We ensure that the process is very simple for everyone involved. Apart from the manual envelope form that the customer can fill, they also can fill an online drop off form on our website and collect the printout of the form. It is this printout and their car key that they will place in a safe mail slot and they'll park their car in a designated spot.
Now that our customers can take advantage of the night drop services, they don't have to wait till the weekend to bring their vehicles for repairs, and this is just our way of showing we care for you and value your time. At East Urban Auto, we are focused on providing you with all the convenience you need when it comes to car repairs and maintenance. Not only do we offer night drop services, but we also provide pickup and delivery services where you can call us to pick your car on your behalf, and after fixing it, but we will also return it to you. The guarantee of quality on all our services means you have nothing to worry about when you let us fix your car issues for you.

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