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We can help you sell your car

Sell your car

No matter how great your car is, a time comes when you just want another one. A challenge many people face in this situation is how to sell off their old car. People resort to various means like word of mouth, pasting a "for sale" sign on the vehicle, paid and unpaid advertisements, and many others. While all these can be effective, one thing everyone who has tried them knows is that they are stressful. Selling your car will require you to meet strangers, negotiate, deal with disappointments, etc. But what if we tell you, you can outsource all these stress to a professional and get your car sold within a short time? There are two ways you can sell your car through us;


Direct Sale

You can sell the car to us. We sell used cars. Thus, we are open to buying high-quality cars in good conditions. We are interested in the best deals available, and we will assess your car to determine if it is quality. If it is, we can buy it from you and add it to our inventory.


You can also consign your car to us. With this option, you will retain ownership of your can till we sell it but will be in our possession as the seller. You won't pay any fee when consigning your car. All you have to do is deliver your car to us, and we'll handle the rest of the selling process. We have an extensive network and let us handle your car sale gives you access to this network. Our network is both local and national, and we leverage it to help you sell your car. During the consignment process, you are responsible for insurance and making sure the car is in good conditions. We also provide pickup and clean-up services for cars that are entering consignment, but this will be paid for by you. Once your car is with us, we assess it to determine the value and draw up an agreement on that note. We also require that you have all the necessary documents about the car, and we will see the document before drafting the agreement.

Benefits of consignment

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