East Urban Auto

We are an auto service and repair shop based in Brisbane, Queensland. We provide quality auto repairs and personal services on all kinds and models of vehicles, both foreign and local. We are specialists in all types of German and Japanese cars. Beyond helping our customers repair their vehicles, we also assist them with the sale of their automobiles, and we sell used cars for anyone interested.


Our focus is on helping you keep your vehicle in top-notch shape and ready to use at all times. We provide high-quality repairs and maintenance services with a guarantee on everything that we do for. At East Urban Auto, we repair, and service all makes and models of cars and trucks at competitive rates. For us, no car is too small or big. We employ only the most qualified automotive technicians and use only high-quality replacement parts to ensure your satisfaction.

Night drop

Are you someone with a very busy schedule who finds it difficult to come to our shop during the regular business hours? Well, we offer night drop services which allow you to drop off your car at our shop anytime. We have a box in a place where you can drop off your car keys and submit all information regarding your car and the services you need.

Sell your car

No matter how great your car is, a time comes when you just want another one. A challenge many people face in this situation is how to sell off their old car. People resort to various means like word of mouth, pasting a "for sale" sign on the vehicle, paid and unpaid advertisements, and many others. While all these can be effective, one thing everyone who has tried them knows is that they are stressful. Selling your car will require you to meet strangers, negotiate, deal with disappointments, etc. But what if we tell you, you can outsource all these stress to a professional and get your car sold within a short time?
Used cars for sale

As an auto repairs shop, we have had many encounters with customers who need our help with getting a car or use us to assess a car they want to buy. The sale of used cars is also part of our services – so we can better satisfy our customers. We have all kinds of used cars in excellent shape.

Car finance

Do you need to buy a car and you don’t have the substantial capital necessary for the purchase? Don’t worry about yourself because we can help you get all the finance products you need to purchase your car.

Car Insurance

Auto insurance is compulsory, but it matters, even more, the kind of insurance you get. We can help you get the most suitable insurance to protect your vehicle.

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